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Where Can I Find a Dentist in Durham, NC

male patient reclining in dental chair awaiting procedure from female dental assistant after researching where can I find a dentist in Durham, NC.

Durham, NC, is one of the best places to live in the state and has a dense suburban feel with a booming economy and many technical and scholarly opportunities available1. Individuals and families who are looking for a new dentist will have plenty of choices to choose from. Around 50 Durham, NC, dentists deliver quality dental services, from cleaning and whitening to tooth extraction, dental implants, crowns, and other essential services.  

If you are searching for a dentist in North Carolina, visit Triangle Restoration Dentistry in Durham, off Highway 54. Our dentists have years of experience with restorative and cosmetic dentistry to give you a smile you are proud to show off. We will perform a complete dental exam during an initial consultation to determine the best services to address all dental issues. 

Call 888.280.2678 today to visit our Durham, NC, dentist’s office and learn how our prosthodontic specialists can give you a healthy and bright smile.  

What to Ask When Searching for a New NC Dentist 

Choosing a dentist is a very personal decision that you should not rush into. You are trusting them with your health, and you need to know they have the skills and experience to handle all of your dental needs.  

Before beginning a dentist search, write down some of the questions you have to help narrow your search. Some of the questions you should be asking include: 

  • How close are they to my home and office, and what are their hours?  
  • Are they covered by my insurance provider? 
  • What type of services do they offer? 
  • How quickly can you get in to see them? 
  • Do they offer any supplemental insurance or financial savings? 
  • Do they accept patients under 12 years old? 

While researching new dentists in North Carolina, go online and do a search for local dentists through the American Dental Association website2. You can search by zip code and city name, distance from home, type of service, or dentist name. 

From there, choose an office close to work or home and schedule a consultation with them. If the office has multiple dentists, it is perfectly OK to meet with each one to find the dentist you are most comfortable with. 

Triangle Restoration Dentistry employs experienced dentists in North Carolina who specialize in using advanced technologies to support your dental health. You can meet with our four dentists to see which one makes you feel good about them caring for your teeth and gums.  

Finding a Durham, NC, Dentist  

Here are some additional tips for finding a Durham, NC, dentist for you and your family: 

  • Ask friends and family if they like their dentist – A personal referral is one of the best ways to find a new dentist. You trust your friends and family’s opinions, but you still need to meet with the dentist personally and decide for yourself if they are a good fit. 
  • Location and hours – Find a dentist’s office that is close to home or work. An excellent way to pick a location is to choose one between your home and office or your kid’s school. Also, check their hours of operation as some dental offices will have evening or weekend hours to serve those who cannot take time off work.  
  • Services offered – Review the list of services on their website before calling. That way, you can ask about the specific services you need now and in the future.  
  • Communication style – Do you prefer phone calls, emails, or texts when scheduling and confirming appointments? Ask about their preferred communication style and search for a review of patient feedback about communication or scheduling problems.  
  • Insurance and financial policies – Make sure the dental office accepts your insurance plan and ask them about additional savings they may have. Many offices will have supplemental insurance or other ways that you can save money.  

You now have everything you need to begin a new search for an NC dentist in Durham or surrounding areas. When meeting with a new dentist, come prepared with a list of questions so that you can make a better choice.  

Find Your New Durham, NC, Dentist at Triangle Restoration Dentistry  

Triangle Restoration Dentistry is off Highway 54 between the Hemptender Dispensary and First Horizon Bank in a beautiful executive park. Our team specializes in prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry, including full and partial dentures, bridges, implants, and additional services. We have been in the Research Triangle Region for several years and are known for our courteous staff, professionalism, and expertise in restorative dentistry.  

To schedule a consultation with one of our dentists in Durham, reach out to Triangle Restoration Dentistry online or call 888.280.2678 today to speak with our scheduling team. 


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