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Dental Bridges

image of prosthetic dental bridgeHaving healthy teeth does more than give you a pretty smile. It may help prevent other health problems from forming, like heart disease. If you are missing one or multiple teeth, dental bridges can replace those teeth quickly so you can smile brightly and stay healthy.

Triangle Restoration Dentistry specializes in prosthodontic and cosmetic dentistry, including dentures, implants, crowns, and bridges. Our team has years of experience with dental bridge treatments and will work with you to find the best options for your needs. During your initial consultation, we will review the different types of bridges and materials and which ones will benefit you the most.

To start a conversation about improving your smile, call 888.280.2678 today to see how our dental treatment services can help improve your oral health.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Losing a tooth can leave an unsightly gap in your mouth and make you self-conscious about your smile. You may not realize that missing teeth can cause your cheeks to sag and teeth to shift.

Dental bridges can rebuild your beautiful smile and prevent other dental issues from occurring. Bridges are made out of a number of different materials, including porcelain or ceramic, metal, gold, and porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM).

When you go to a prosthodontic specialist for restoration services, they will evaluate your teeth and assess what type of bridge you need. There are several types of dental bridges, including:

  • Traditional
  • Cantilever
  • Resin-bonded
  • Implant-supported

Your dentist will explain which type of bridge they are using and what materials they are using. After the assessment, an appointment is made to prepare the teeth for the bridge and place a temporary bridge. This will prevent your teeth from spreading further while fabricating the bridge, which can take up to four weeks.

Once the bridge is complete, the dentist will cement the bridge and may follow up a few weeks later to ensure everything is progressing normally and you are on your way to a healthy smile.

Triangle Restoration Dentistry delivers dental bridge services for people missing one or several teeth. Our dentists use a unique approach of science and artistry to restore your teeth and give you a fantastic smile.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

Scheduling a dental bridge treatment may be recommended if you are missing one or several teeth. The longer you leave a gap in your teeth, the more dental complications you may have down the road.

Here are some additional reasons why you should look into getting dental bridges:

  • Chewing and swallowing – Having gaps in your teeth will lead to uneven wear, discomfort when chewing, and further tooth loss.
  • Improving your smile – Depending on which teeth are missing, having missing teeth can give you an unsightly smile and lead to decreased self-esteem and confidence.
  • Stopping teeth from spreading – When you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth have nothing to keep them from tipping to fill in the gap. This will weaken the overall structure of your mouth and cause uneven wear and tear, which can lead to further tooth loss, pain, and other health problems.
  • Minimal discomfort – Dental bridges are relatively simple and pain-free. This procedure is very common and can be completed in as few as 2-3 sessions after the consultation.
  • Durable and long-lasting – The materials used for replacing teeth can hold up to everyday wear and tear. With proper care, dental bridges can last a decade or longer.

Getting a dental bridge is a relatively straightforward process and can be done in a short amount of time. If you don’t take care of your teeth, it can lead to serious health complications and affect your overall happiness and well-being.

Find Dental Treatment Services Today at Triangle Restoration Dentistry

Triangle Restoration Dentistry practices a full scope of prosthodontic and cosmetic dentistry services for Durham, NC, residents. In addition to dental bridges, we can take care of most of your dental needs, such as:

  • Veneers
  • Implant placement
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental crowns

If you want to learn more about our dental bridge services, call 888.280.2678 today or reach out online to schedule a consultation.