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What to Expect When Going to a New Dentist?

dentist prepares to perform dental procedure on smiling woman after explaining what to expect when going to a new dentist.

If thinking about visiting a dentist makes you apprehensive, you are not alone. Studies show that 36% of people experience dental anxiety or fear before visiting their dentist1. Understanding what to expect from a new dentist is a good way to ease those fears. You’ll feel a lot better knowing each step of the treatment plan and the types of techniques and equipment they will be using. Your dentist wants you to feel relaxed during the procedure and will do all they can to create a comfortable experience.  

If you are in the market for a new dentist in Durham, NC, come to Triangle Restoration Dentistry for a consultation on prosthetic and cosmetic dental services. Our team of prosthodontists has years of experience perfecting patients’ smiles and keeping their teeth and gums healthy. We use the latest techniques and safest materials in our procedures and work to build a positive relationship with our patients.  

To find a new dentist in Durham, NC, reach out to our friendly team today at 888.280.2678 to schedule an appointment. 

Your First Dental Visit 

On your first dental visit, you will meet with the dentist and their assistants to review your dental needs and gather enough information to treat you properly. As with any new relationship, you want to build a rapport and establish trust, especially since you are entrusting this new dentist with your oral health. You’ll want to take some time and ask them several questions to get a better understanding of how well they will take care of you. 

  • Some of the questions you should ask a new dentist are: 
  • What is your educational background? 
  • What type of services do you offer? 
  • How long have you practiced in the city? 
  • What materials do you use in your procedures? 
  • What is the wait time for new appointments? 
  • What is your office location and hours? 

Triangle Restoration Dentistry is located in Durham, NC, specializing in prostodontics and cosmetic dentistry. We can address any questions and establish expectations for any of our procedures or services. 

What to Expect From a New Dentist 

If this is your first time with a new dentist, it’s OK to feel a little nervous. Let them know how you feel, and they will do what they can to ease any anxiety you have over visiting a new dentist. 

Here is a sample of what to expect when going to a new dentist on your first visit: 

  • Initial screening – After the office staff greets you and gathers personal and insurance information, you will meet with a dentist to get an in-depth look at your current oral history.  
  • Developing a treatment plan – After reviewing their findings, they will review the results and include their recommendations for treatment. This can include: 
    • Regular cleanings and exams 
    • Filling cavities and gaps 
    • Replacing damaged or infected teeth 
    • Treating infected oral tissue 
    • Restorative or cosmetic dentistry
  • Scheduling treatments – After agreeing to a treatment plan, they will create a schedule to address the most serious issues.  

When searching for a new dentist, have a list of new dentist expectations in your head so you can find the right dentist for your needs. Check with friends and family first and ask them about their dentist. You can also check the American Dental Association website for a list of dentists in your area.  

Find a New Dentist in Durham, NC, at Triangle Restoration Dentistry 

At Triangle Restoration Dentistry, we understand how nervous some people feel when visiting the dentist. Our team works hard to create a positive experience that will ease any fears and anxiety about visiting a new dentist. During your consultation, we will go over your personalized treatment plan and answer any questions you have about our procedures and treatments.  

To talk about what to expect from a new dentist with our experienced team, contact Triangle Restoration Dentistry online or call 888.280.2678 today. 


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