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With over 25 years of experience and overwhelmingly positive online reviews, Triangle Restoration Dentistry serves North Carolina residents by providing prosthodontic and cosmetic dental services. Our highly trained prosthodontists use state-of-the-art techniques and advanced materials to achieve the best patient outcomes, as featured below. 

If you or your loved ones require prosthodontic dental services such as bridges or dentures or cosmetic services such as veneers or teeth whitening, call 888.280.2678 today. Join the many individuals with positive dentistry patient outcomes from Triangle Restoration Dentistry. 

Real Patient Outcomes  

Anterior Crowns 

We’re always honored when our colleagues entrust us with their staff members’ precious front teeth! When we met Heather last fall, she did not want to show hers in her patient photo. Her 11-year-old restorations were in need of replacement – Dr. Scurria placed new crowns in November. She returned to our office this week to show off her beautiful smile. Heather is thrilled with her result, and so are we!

Digital Upper and Lower Dentures  

Digital imaging is revolutionizing dentistry! Frank is delighted to have his new, beautifully-fitting dentures in time for his upcoming trip to Italy, where he plans to enjoy lots of pasta and gelato – and, of course, flash his dazzling smile in all the family photos! With Avadent digital design, we are able to make dentures more efficiently and predictably: no adjustments were needed due to the accuracy of the digital denture milling process, and we can easily provide spare dentures for security while traveling or replace them if needed. 

Conventional Upper Denture, Implant-Retained Removable Lower Denture 

Mattie came to us with an old upper denture and a lower arch in need of a solution. She was concerned that new teeth should look natural and, specifically, not be too big; we also wanted to achieve an esthetically pleasing result as well as good chewing function for her. A complete lower denture can be challenging in terms of staying put, and we knew Mattie would best be served by adding dental implants to her plan of care.

We asked Dr. Adam Serlo, an oral surgeon, to place two dental implants in her lower jaw and waited for the bone to grow around them to create a strong foundation. Once Dr. Serlo let us know the implants were adequately integrated, we made Mattie a beautiful new set of dentures consisting of a conventional upper denture and a lower removable denture that snaps onto those implants for added stability. She is thrilled, and so are we! Her confidence absolutely radiates as she flashes her beautiful, natural-looking smile.  

Replacement of Veneers with Crowns and Whitening 

Our patient came to us while in the process of having Invisalign orthodontic treatment. She was unhappy with her three existing veneers, which were over 20 years old. They were too thick as well as too narrow, making her teeth appear long and thin. Her other teeth had discolored over time so that the veneers stood out, looking too bright in comparison. They simply weren’t congruent with her other teeth. While adjusting her bite was of primary functional importance in her orthodontic treatment, we asked her orthodontist to also intrude her right front tooth to make the gumline around her two front teeth symmetrical. Once this nice lady completed her Invisalign treatment and some dental whitening, we were able to complete her smile with three beautiful new crowns.  

before and after image of replacement of veneers with crowns and whitening as example of positive patient outcomes

Conventional / Fixed Combination Restoration

This lovely, vivacious lady came to us with old, ill-fitting prostheses: a complete upper denture and a lower removable partial. With severe atrophy of both arches and combination syndrome, neither prosthesis was stable, comfortable, or functional. In fact, she had not been able to enjoy many foods for several years due to the lower partial. Equally important to our patient was the fact that she was unhappy with their appearance – she wanted her youthful smile back!

While her remaining lower teeth were serviceable, any removable lower partial retained by these teeth would suffer the same failings as the ones before. The decision was made to pursue an off-axis implant load protocol concurrent with extraction of these remaining teeth. However, with such high esthetic expectations, an upper denture was taken to the trial setup stage prior to surgery to both ensure that we could provide a beautiful smile pleasing to this patient and to guide Dr. Scott Hum’s lower jaw surgery. Kudos to Richard, our in-house denture technician, and Dr. Hum for helping us achieve such a pleasing result!  

Crown Restorations 

What a difference these crowns make! Thanks once again to Absolute Dental Services for their assistance with this full-mouth reconstruction. This was a years-long process, so kudos also go to our patient, who understood the benefit of taking one step at a time to create a beautiful result. 

close up image of teeth showing before crown restoration
close up image of teeth showing after crown restoration as example of positive patient outcomes

Conventional Dentures 

Sometimes, a very simple plan, well-executed, is exactly what is needed. This sweet lady was thrilled that we were able to give her back her pre-extractions smile (photo in upper left) with a new set of dentures (close-up below and full-face photo on the right). 

She was happy to allow us to share her letter – and here’s an excerpt from her own Facebook post: “After being embarrassed to smile for nearly 10 years and undergoing a disastrous experience with another dental firm, I now have a beautiful set of perfectly fitting dentures to smile about. [My husband] is thrilled to have me happy and smiling the smile he fell in love with 58 years ago! Dr. Mark Scurria and his staff are absolutely incredible caring, knowledgeable and extremely conscientious about their work.”  

Anterior Crowns 

before and after image of smiling man who received anterior crowns as example of optimal patient outcomesSometimes, before you can make things better, you have to fix the foundations. We referred this nice patient to an orthodontist to fix his underlying bite issues first so that the restorations we placed after he completed Invisalign treatment would serve him for many years. Kudos to the team at Absolute Dental Labs for their work on those crowns! Here’s how our patient felt about his treatment:   “Dr. Scurria and the staff at Triangle Restoration Dentistry were wonderful to work with. During my first consultation, Dr. Scurria presented a plan of action. This was a big commitment and one I wasn’t sure about pursuing. Dr. Scurria was very honest and helped me realize this was the right approach to take. The team at Triangle Restoration Dentistry helped me through the logistics and finances as well. After following the plan and seeing the end result, I’m so thankful for his wisdom and expertise.  Dr. Scurria strives for excellence in his work. I have received numerous compliments from the results Dr. Scurria achieved. Do not hesitate to visit the team at Triangle Restoration Dentistry. They are the best and you will be so pleased to get your smile back!” 

Conventional Dentures 

We’re not sure any “before and after” photos have ever brought us more joy or that any patient has given Dr. Scurria a bigger bear hug! Ron came to us completely edentulous and eager to receive care. Here are his words:  

“My experience with Dr. Scurria & his staff is one for the record book of dentistry. From the onset I was greeted by Kristy with such warmth and so bright a smile, I was immediately put at ease. I believe I was more comfortable than anyone has a right to be, sitting in a dental office awaiting a major procedure. Thanks for that, Kristy. I’d also like to thank Bernadette for being very concerned about all my dental issues, including comfort and pain. She was friendly, informative, and very helpful in all facets of every visit. And as for Dr. Scurria, himself, all I can say is, WOW … you are a Dental Genius! I haven’t had any problems or complications at all. I LOVE MY NEW TEETH. Thank you so very much for everything. You, sir, are a man among men.
Your Most Grateful Patient
(Smiling from ear to ear :-D)”   

Implant-Supported Fixed Complete Bridges  

Luis came to us with a worn-out upper denture and some teeth in the lower jaw that could not be saved. After getting to know Luis, it became clear that this vital, energetic man really needed and wanted replacement teeth and not removable dentures, at least for his lower jaw. We helped Luis transition from his own teeth to a strong fixed bridge supported by only four dental implants. We also provided him with a very retentive and highly functional upper denture to complete his new look.  “Many thanks to Dr. Scurria and his amazing staff for giving me my smile back. My new teeth look fantastic and feel very natural. I’m extremely pleased with the results and have received many compliments from my family and friends. Everyone was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable concerning the procedure. I highly recommend this practice and will continue to use it for my continued dental care.” 

Anterior Crowns 

“Dr. Scurria created four new crowns for my teeth in the spring of 2010. My experience was totally positive, and I am pleased with the outcome. Before I met Dr. Scurria and his staff, I’d been told by other patients about the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone at Triangle Restoration Dentistry and found that to be true. Going to the dentist is not something I look forward to, but Triangle Restoration Dentistry makes the experience as pleasant as possible. With my new crowns, I no longer smile with my lips closed.” 

Contact Triangle Restoration Dentistry Today for Optimal Patient Outcomes 

Whether you need a new crown, a bridge to replace a few missing teeth, or total mouth reconstruction, Triangle Restoration Dentistry can help. We are located in Durham, NC, and proudly serve the surrounding areas of Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Burlington, Mebane, Cary, Hillsborough, and Greensboro. Call 888.280.2678 today to learn more about our treatments and services, verify insurance, or schedule an appointment.