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5 Signs You Might Need a Dental Crown

image of a dental crown on a dental instrument as a solution to one of 5 signs you might need a dental crown

Dental crowns are a versatile component of modern dentistry, including dental prosthetics and cosmetic dentistry. A dental crown is an artificial tooth that often covers a damaged, weakened, or less-than-perfect tooth like a protective cap. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential. However, recognizing the signs you need a dental crown can help you determine when to seek a professional.

Triangle Restoration Dentistry in Durham, NC, specializes in prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry and offers dental crown solutions to residents of the Triangle area. Call 888.280.2678 to learn about their range of prosthodontic and cosmetic dental services, including dental crowns.

5 Signs You Need a Dental Crown

A dental crown can be the perfect solution for a number of dental problems. Some of the signs that you need a dental crown may include the following:

  1. Tooth decay – If a tooth has extensive decay that cannot be corrected with a simple filling, a dental crown may be needed to restore and protect the remaining tooth structure.
  2. Cracked or chipped tooth – For a tooth that has suffered cracks or chips, a crown can provide the necessary coverage and support to prevent further damage and ensure functionality.
  3. Worn-down teeth – Grinding (bruxism) or acid erosion can wear down teeth, making them vulnerable to further damage. A dental crown can help restore the shape and size of the worn-down tooth.
  4. Post-root canal treatment – The tooth often becomes fragile after a root canal procedure. A crown can strengthen and protect the tooth from breaking.
  5. Large fillings – If a tooth has a large filling that takes up more than half its width, it may not have enough strength to withstand normal chewing forces. A crown can help stabilize and protect the tooth.

In addition to the above signs or oral health conditions that may indicate the need for a dental crown, many dental appliances such as partial dentures and bridges may necessitate dental crowns. If you suspect you or a loved one needs a dental crown, the best course of action is to seek a professional. Triangle Restoration Dentistry’s team of prosthodontists has years of experience with dental crowns.

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At Triangle Restoration Dentistry, we have decades of experience with prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, including dental crowns. Our compassionate dental professionals offer a range of services incorporating dental crowns and can help you or a loved one determine the best course of action for optimal dental health.

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